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Whale Watching
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Sea Kayaking trips on Baja's Sea of Cortez from Loreto & La Paz
Whale Watching Tours on Baja's Pacific Coast in Scammonís & San Ignacio Lagoon

Baja Sea Kayaking Tour     Our sea kayaking trips & whale watching tours are the result of extensive exploration of the most significant bays, islands, and beaches, of the Baja peninsula.

    We offer several multi-day, guided, sea kayaking trips to the key groups of islands in the Sea of Cortez: La Paz and Loreto.
   All our Baja sea kayaking trips include island camping, hiking, snorkeling and a high chance of encountering some of the many species of whales, including the Blue or, Gray whales.

   Our sea kayaking trips are professionally guided, and no previous experience is necessary. Your friendly, expert guides will teach you the easy-to-master, basic skills before each trip begins.

   We guarantee the quality of our Baja sea kayaking trips by traveling in small groups, offering great food and top of the line kayaking equipment.
   Our goal is to provide trips and tours to suit everyone's budget, travel schedule, and physical abilities.

Baja Gray Whale and Watchers    The West coast of Baja is bordered by the Pacific ocean, and here is where the Gray whales migrate to, from the Bering Sea and North Pacific.

   Our Baja whale watching tours take place in the Scammon's and San Ignacio Lagoon, the largest and most active Gray whale nurseries in Baja.

   Motorboats are used during the migration season (January, February, and March) and lodging is at the local hotels (for Scammon's Lagoon tours) and at our fully catered base-camp (for San Ignacio tours). No camping or kayaking is required therefore the whale watching tours are open to all ages and abilities.

   "If you're shopping for a guided Baja sea kayaking tour, consider using Miramar Adventures.They provide everything, including expert guides"

   "Great Baja paddling location & good planning. You run a safe and fun kayak outfit. Thanks for your patience & good-natured attitude"

   If your idea of a Baja vacation is paddling from island to island in the aquamarine waters of the Cortez Sea, gliding past raucous birds, barking sea lions, and playful dolphins; Or, you want to visit the nurseries and breeding grounds of the Gray whales on the Pacific side of Baja, please check out our Trip Calendar

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