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About Miramar Adventures L.L.C.

   We are an adventure travel company, based and registered in Seattle - Washington, the mecca of sea kayaking in the US.
Our specialty is guided sea kayaking and whale watching adventures in Baja California, Mexico.

   Miramar Adventures started with Florin Botezatu the founder of the company, and his idea of a small sea kayaking guiding outfit.
   He has over thirty years of outdoor adventure experience in sea kayaking, rock climbing, and trekking and has led expeditions through Europe, Baja, and the US. He has extensive sea kayaking experience in the Sea of Cortez and Pacific Northwest.

   Your Guides: A good sea kayaking guide can be like a favorite high school teacher or the funniest waiter you ever experienced. Guides are professional leaders, safety experts, storytellers, scientists, comics and chefs, all rolled into one. Most guides are biologists, geologists and historians wrapped in a friendly, deeply tanned package, so if you are a nature or a history buff, or just want to hone your kayaking skills, don't be shy about asking questions.

   We couldn’t help falling in love with Baja in 1992, when we did our first visit. We felt free and empowered by its vastness, and by the contrast between its rich sea and unusual desert.
   Every time we took a turn from "Mexico 1" , its main paved road that runs like a spine from the US border 1100 miles to Cabo San Lucas, we were amazed by the different landscapes that we were seeing; Areas with Giant Cardon cactus as high as a four story building and as many as a forest. Strange trees like the Cirio that looks as if it had leaped from the ground and buried itself again head first, leaving only a giant root exposed to the sky.

   When the arid desert air was gradually replaced with a gentle cool breeze, we knew we were nearing the sea; We were burning with excitement to see what is the view behind the last hill in front of us. It never failed to take our breath away for a few seconds; The ink-blue sea dotted with ochre and red, peaceful looking islands, made our eyes smile. We kept saying "this is where I want to live for the rest of my life".
   Back on the main road, we would run into an occasional 17th century mission, or stop at quaint little towns for a cold beer and the best fish tacos ever.
   It took three more years of travel and exploration through Baja’s land and sea to find the areas that we thought best represent its beauty.

   We have been guiding our expeditions since, and considering our clients feedback, we think we are doing a good job.

Florin - Baja kayaking expeditions lead guide Florin on a Baja expedition Kirsten - assistant guide on Baja kayaking adventures Denise, Miramar Adventures assistant guide & operations manager

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We are not always around a phone. The best way to reach us is by email: info@miramar-adventures.com
Or, call: (323) 854-0090

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