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ESPIRITU SANTO: Sea kayaking in the Sea of Cortez, Baja
4 days at our base-camp on the Espiritu Santo island, just North of La Paz

   Our fully catered base-camp on Isla Espiritu Santo, is situated at the water's edge and offers comfortable safari-style, walk-in tents with cots, a perfect platform for your sea kayaking Baja experience. Where in Baja is Isla Espiritu Santo?
Because we use a base camp, your schedule can be as active or, as relaxing as you desire.

    Besides paddling, our flexible itinerary offers a variety of other activities to match your interests and abilities, including swimming, snorkeling, bird watching & hiking at your own pace.
    Espiritu Santo is a sea kayaking Baja trip fit for beginners or advanced, and are perfect getaways for those seeking convenient, warm weather paddling destinations.
     La Paz is a world class sea kayaking destination, with multiple airlines available from the US.

sea kayaking baja Espiritu Santoadventure

Sea Kayaking Camp on Isla Espiritu Santo

Sea Kayaking Baja La Paz

  PRICE: $1275 (7 Days, including travel)
Single Supplement (hotel & tent) $120

DATES: SPRING 2023    
* Jan. 3-9 / * Jan. 10-16 / * Jan. 17-23 / * Jan. 24-30
* Jan. 31 - Feb. 6 / * Feb. 7-13 / Feb. 13-19 / Feb. 17-23
Feb. 21-27 / Feb. 25-Mar. 3 / * Mar. 1-7 / Mar. 5-11
Mar. 9-15 / Mar. 13-19 / *Mar. 17-23 / Mar. 21-27
Mar. 25-31 / Mar. 29-Apr. 4
Apr. 2-8 / Apr. 6-12 / Apr. 10-16
Apr. 14-20 / Apr. 18-24 / Apr. 22-28

DATES: FALL 2022    
Oct. 6-12 / Oct. 9-15 / Oct. 31 - Nov. 6
* Nov. 8-14 / * Nov. 15-21 / * Nov.22-28 / * Nov. 29 - Dec. 5
/ * Dec. 6-12 / * Dec. 13-19 / * Dec. 20-26 / * Dec. 27- Jan.2

Trips dates preceded by * are expedition style, and will change camp location daily.

NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY for these sea kayaking Baja trips. As in many casual athletic activities, a positive attitude and good health are more important than being in top shape.
    Paddling (easy to moderate) will not be strenuous, though regular exercise before your trip would add to your enjoyment.

NOTE: Upon reserving your sea kayaking Baja trip, we will send you detailed pre-departure information to help you plan your trip,including “Clothing and What-to-Bring” list.

INCLUDES: Two hotel nights in La Paz (double ocp.), all meals in camp (beginning with lunch on first day and ending with lunch on last day), beer, wine and happy hour beverages in camp.
    Safari-style walk-in tents, with comfy single or double platform beds & bedding, sleeping bag (or you may bring your own), liner and pillow.
    Private bathroom facility & solar heated showers available.
    Guides, single or double kayaks and all related equipment, snorkel gear.

EXCLUDES: Airfare to La Paz, ground transportation from the airport to your hotel, meals in town (to allow for individual choice), insurance of any kind, personal items, gratuities to the crew.

TRIP DESCRIPTION: A morning boat ride takes you from the vibrant city of La Paz to our base camp on Isla Espiritu Santo where, after an orientation to camp procedures and assignment of tents, our friendly, expert guides will teach you the easy-to-master kayaking skills.
   For the next few days we will explore the islands of Espiritu Santo , La Partida and Los Islotes, paddling, snorkeling, exploring the hidden coves with their fascinating geology and taking lunch breaks on remote beaches.
   Inland, the islands offer spectacular desert vegetation like Elephant trees, giant Cardon Cactus and Wild Figs clinging to volcanic cliffs.
   With a little luck we may encounter the Finback or Blue whales who frequently cross these waters in search of food. Although smaller in size, Brides and Minke whales are also common encounters and just as exciting. Or, maybe even a pod of Bottlenose dolphins or the playful California sea lions.
   Throughout the islands birding is excellent, with a full complement of shore birds, including Great Blue and Green Herons, Snowy Egret, Osprey and American Oystercatcher; Raptors such as Turkey Vulture, red Tailed Hawk, Kestrel and SLitinerary Horned Owl.
"It was a great way to do our first sea kayaking Baja experience. We will not hesitate to recommend your guiding service to our friends.
Thanks for being our leader"


"While paddling on the Sea of Cortez, some sort of wild life entertainment is almost always at hand"

LOCATION: Your Espiritu Santo vacation begins in the old town of La Paz, on the eastern coast of Baja, on the Sea of Cortez, a two and a half hour flight from Los Angeles, USA.
    Just a few miles North of the city, the Sea of Cortez offer some of the most prominent sea life on the continent, and the seascape is dominated by the dramatically and unexpectedly beautiful Isla Espiritu Santo.
    With deeply indented coves with sand beaches along it’s west coast, and high bluffs formed from folded strata of pink, red, white, yellow and black, Espiritu Santo is a favorite with sea kayakers.
   To the North, separated by a narrow canal is Isla Partida. The southwest reef with large groupers inhabiting the outer reaches, is one of the best snorkeling sites in the area.
    Another short hop to the north brings you to Los Islotes, a group of islets whose main attraction is a colony of friendly sea lions.
Click here to see a map of Baja

GETTING TO LA PAZ: For assistance with your air travel arrangements, we suggest contacting a specialized travel agent, i.e.: Robert Sulens at Kahala Travel, 800-852-8338.
    Alaska Airlines and AeroMexico currently services La Paz airport. However, Cabo San Lucas Airport (130 miles South of La Paz) has more flights and they tend to be less costly and direct, from more U.S. cities.

If you fly into Los Cabos, you will need ground transportation to La Paz, and here are several options:
1.   Pre-arrange a private transfer with Baja Ground Services Inc.
Visit their web site: www.bajaonly.com or, call them: (800) 352-4990
   Transfer time is approximately 2 1/2 hours each way.
Rates vary, and are based on groups: About US$245.00 each way for up to 10 people.
   Not traveling with a group? You may be able to join other travelers already booked.

2.   Or, take the “La Paz Shuttle” from the Los Cabos airport.
Visit their web site: www.shuttletolapaz.com or, call them: (888) 822-9925.
   Two pick-up times per day only (in the afternoon) but, it should work with your arrival time.
The cost is approximately US$60 p.p. round trip (prices on their web site are in pesos).

3.   Public bus: "Aguila". Visit their web site: www.autotransportesaguila.com
No advance reservation is necessary. New, clean, air-conditioned buses, run hourly.
   It does, however, take about five hours to reach the waterfront in La Paz. You will have to take a taxi from the Los Cabos airport to the San Jose del Cabo Public Bus Terminal (15 min).
   When you arrive in La Paz, you can take a taxi to your hotel (5 min).
The cost is approximately US$35 p.p. round trip.

   Check your luggage with the airline at least two hours before departure, to eliminate the chances of lost luggage or losing a seat due to over-booking.
   When you book your flight allow a few extra hours as a buffer for delays, before your connecting flight to La Paz,especially around holidays.

Day 1 Arrive in La Paz and transfer to your hotel. On your own for the evening for sightseeing and meals.
Day 2 - 5 Your guide/s will pick you up from your hotel around 8:00 AM (Mountain Time) and we will head to the warehouse for a short orientation and to fit you for your snorkeling gear.
    A morning boat ride takes you to our base camp on Espiritu Santo Island. Once we arrive at camp, we'll have an orientation to camp procedures, assignment of tents and a safety briefing.
   Because you customize your own itinerary, each day will bring new adventures.

    After instruction in sea kayaking basics, you are ready to paddle.
Even novices will find the kayaking skills easy to master, and soon be paddling three to four hours per day, exploring caves, rock gardens and deserted beaches on the western shoreline.
    Hike up ochre-colored canyons and explore amazingly adapted desert plants.
   Bird watch delights like the Oyster catchers, Arctic Terns, Ospreys, Frigate birds or Blue footed Boobies.
   Watch for Mobula rays or dolphins leaping out of the water as our skiff speeds to Los Islotes to swim and snorkel with the sea lions.
    At evening's "happy hour" you'll sip drinks and enjoy appetizers over the spectacular Baja sunset, while a delicious dinner made with fresh local ingredients is being prepared.

Day 6 The morning finds you kayaking, swimming, hiking or snorkeling to savor the last moments of this incredible getaway. Mid-day we return to La Paz by boat, and check-in to your hotel. On your own for the evening.
Day 7 Taxi or shuttle to the airport (depending on the arrangements you made in advance).

We spend a great part of our time out of the office, paddling. We are not always around a phone. However, we do check our e-mails daily from wherever we are.

If you have questions about our sea kayaking Baja trips the best way to contact us is by E-mail.

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